Pork Shoulder Roast – Boston Butt


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Pasture-Raised Non-GMO Pork Shoulder Boston Butt – a cut of meat that redefines the art of cooking and indulgence. Sourced from naturally-raised pigs grown on our farm, our Boston Butt is a testament to superior taste, animal welfare, and environmentally-conscious choices.

Our commitment to pasture-raising ensures that our pigs live a happy and healthy life, freely grazing on open pastures. This humane and sustainable approach results in meat that’s tender, succulent, and bursting with rich flavors. You can taste the difference in every bite, knowing that these pigs lived a good life.

We take our dedication to quality even further by guaranteeing a non-GMO diet for our pigs. Our animals are nourished with feed free from genetically modified organisms, delivering a pure, clean, and natural taste that harkens back to the traditional flavors of yesteryears.

The Pork Shoulder Boston Butt is a versatile cut that lends itself to a myriad of culinary possibilities. Slow roast it to perfection, and you’ll be rewarded with meat so tender it practically falls off the bone. Or, use it in your favorite recipes, from pulled pork sandwiches to hearty stews, knowing that you’re working with a superior quality ingredient.

By choosing our Pasture-Raised Non-GMO Pork Shoulder Boston Butt, you’re not only elevating your culinary experiences but also supporting responsible farming practices that prioritize animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. It’s a choice that’s better for your taste buds, the environment, and your health.

Elevate your cooking with the exceptional taste and conscientious sourcing of our Pork Shoulder Boston Butt. It’s more than just meat; it’s a commitment to superior quality and ethical choices that you can savor in every savory dish you create.


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